Hi there, I'm Maxine Fourie

I'm first and foremost a devoted Christian, I feel so blessed by the fact that God has sent me on such a fortunate life path! I mean, it's my job to capture people's most precious day in their life. I am a Mommy with the cutest 3-year-old in the whole wide world (evidence below) and also a wife to the very best man ever!

At the age of 18, I asked my mother if I could use her backup camera to take a few photos of my then 13-year-old sister. I dressed her up in a white dress and did some pretty dramatic makeup on her. In my mind she looked like a bohemian princess, I took a few shots in our backyard and posted them to Facebook. That is how all of this got started! Crazy huh?! Apparently, some of my old friends from school also liked my crazy ideas, so after my first post, they asked me to take their photos. Now a few years later, I'm still at it. Phew, luckily I've learned a bit more about photography since that first session! My mother Michelle is not only my partner in capturing your stories, but she taught me everything I know.

People are my passion! I love the fact that photography enables me to make new friends almost daily. I don't just want to be another vendor, I want to be a friend. I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible on the best day of your life! I want to capture those special moments for you to reminisce about forever.



Hi, I'm Michelle Vermeulen.

I am a mother of 2 crazy girls and a wife to an even crazier husband! I love Jesus, Earl Grey Tea and my miniature Doberman pincer named Tiki with all my heart. I have always been an artist, whether it is painting, drawing, photography or even crocheting, I am always busy creating something! My absolute favourite pastime is reading, I only read romance though... On that note, I obviously LOVE the fact that I get to be a part of your love story so much!

I have been dabbling in photography since way before DSLR camera's where a thing. I remember dressing up my daughter and her cousins in some vintage clothing and creating an entire set in our backyard, for some creative portraits with my film camera. I would have never thought on that day that I would be doing this for a living alongside that little girl smiling behind her Grandmother's 20's sewing machine. I also discovered another passion of mine in the last few years. I create fine-art composite photos in my spare time. I love being able to "paint" without the mess.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering us to capture your special day! I hope to meet you soon!